We are proud to debut our latest innovation, ActiveMedia, that enhances GSA Advantage! and gives you  the power to customize your buyers' experience. With the capabilities and features of ActiveMedia, you can now make it quick and easy for Federal buyers to find your products within GSA Advantage!ActiveMedia  enhances the appearance of your product and/or service presence and provides buyers with the information they need to buy from you!

All of our ActiveMedia services are customized toward your product line and the prospective Federal buyer.




With Direct Advantage!, you can provide a link from your company's web site directly to your products and/or service presence at GSA Advantage!

This unique feature enables potential buyers to view your products without having to search by company name, contract number or product.  By providing a link directly to a particular schedule, buyers can find exactly what they are searching for quickly and easily and you can rest assured that yourr competitors' information is not being displayed as well.


Consider the visual impact and benefit of a color ad in a black and white newspaper.  Similarily, consider the benefits of a full color corporate logo that your buyer knows and trusts in GSA Advantage! 

Brand Advantage! empowers you to stand out from your competition at GSA Advantage! Currently, when a search is performed in Advantage! all of the information returned looks the same.  Brand Advantage! provides an image (either text or graphic) directly in front of the product description line in Advantage! Your products will literally jump out of a sea of black and white!  Images such as small company logos or words like 'new' or 'buy now' draw the buyers' eye to your products.  With Brand Advantage! you stand out from your competition.


GSA Advantage! limits product descriptions to 1,000 characters of plain text.  This greatly restricts your marketing potential.

Enhance Advantage! provides an unlimited amount of characters and greatly enhances the way your product information appears in GSA Advantage!  This feature allows you to include images, enhanced text, audio, multi-media video, and virtually anything else you want.

Imagine the opportunities that are now available to you.  Enhance Advantage! provides your buyers with the information they need to make informed buying decisions.


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