Dept. of Veterans Affairs

VA and GSA Working Together
a Unique Partnership 

Companies with a schedule to sell to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have a very unique opportunity to broaden Federal buyer's access to their goods and services.  In a unique partnership between VA and the General Services Administration (GSA), an agreement was made whereby VA schedule holders can participate in GSA Advantage!, the Federal Government's largest on line procurement program without having to obtain a GSA schedule!

Until that partnership was made, only companies holding a GSA schedule were able to participate in GSA Advantage!, showcasing their goods and services for all Federal Government buyers to see.  Now, VA vendors can benefit from this program and stand to increase their sales through greater visibility and ease of purchasing by the Federal buyer.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has directed all of their purchasing offices to visit GSA Advantage! for their procurement needs.  Although participation in GSA Advantage! is not mandatory for VA schedule holders, VA strongly recommends that schedule holders take advantage of this unique opportunity.  Not only will your products and services be accessible by VA procurement officials, but all Federal Government buyers will be able to purchase from you directly.

ECSI has over five years of experience in  supporting vendors toward participation in GSA Advantage! and other on line procurement programs.  As specialists in creating and submitting electronic catalogs to 
GSA Advantage!, ECSI can help you take advantage of this opportunity economically and efficiently.  Once you have obtained a contract to do business with the Department of Veteran's Affairs, ECSI will create, submit and maintain your electronic catalogs toward participation in GSA Advantage!.  With ECSI's comprehensive support services, you will be free to manage your increased sales.

In order to learn more about GSA Advantage! and this unique opportunity, you can visit the GSA Advantage! web site at  Or, give us a call directly at 703-327-6597.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with all of your Federal Electronic Commerce needs!