ECSI provides suppliers with numerous business to Government implementation advantages and functionality enhancements including the efficient capture, mapping, and electronic conversion of Federal contract information.

  • ECSI educates clients on what they need to know to best market their products and maximize their Federal sales.
  • ECSI's services do not require special training or education, allowing suppliers with no EC or EDI experience to develop valid EDI based electronic catalogs for multiple federal agencies.
  • ECSI's services reduce the potential for error and eliminate the knowledge, cost and time barriers to Federal electronic commerce capability and compliance.
  • Clients of ECSI need only interact with a single point of contact for all of their Federal electronic commerce needs.  ECSI enables suppliers to submit modifications and/or changes toward their data without having to alert or consult with agencies directly regarding data submission rules, greatly increasing supplier efficiency.
  • ECSI's E-CAT Kit automatically creates a database of client data allowing clients to easily organize their contract data.
  • There are no minimum PC hardware/software compatibility or operating system issues. Federal suppliers have the ability to manage Federal contract data for electronic submission using literally any PC device including a handheld PC, a laptop, or a desktop PC.
  • ECSI 's services eliminate the need for supplier support of a third party such as a 'Value Added Network' or 'Value Added Service' (VAN/VAS). Eliminating this layer results in a tremendous reduction of costs to both industry and agencies.